We are a husband-and-wife team who mix natural and modern aesthetics, Aaron's furniture and Rachel's "gardens" rely on the idea that the materials we work with are dynamic and ever changing.

Please feel free to contact us about any project, large or small that you need fabricated.

-- Aaron & Rachel Busch

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These pair of benches were purchased by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. They are painted with a very warm grey paint and the wood top has a heat patina to seal the wood and give texture.

These tables were commissioned by Chicago based interior designer Carrie Ratliff of interior spaces, inc. Each table mixes metal and wood together in a variety of ways. All pieces were hand made by Aaron Busch. The tops range from solid walnut and ash to a 48" diameter metal top.

This tables was made for interior design firm Intro Specs of Portland, OR. It is a solid oak top with a pickle patina finish. The top the throbbed to give an aged appearance. The legs ate simple stick style legs that are designed to disappear from sight.

NEW PROJECT (February)
This project was commissioned as a Valentines gift to a wife who hated seeing all the cords to the families entertainment center. It is made of walnut and has a hidden cord chase that runs from the top of the console to the bottom via a black tube that conceals all the wires within.

This reclaimed planter was one of a large order placed by Chihuly Garden and Glass. All the pieces that went to Seattle were made from 100% reclaimed materials. The are currently offered in the retail store at the Seattle Center museum.

NEW PROJECT (December)
This is a three section planter that totals 216" x 24" and has over 1000 plants in it. All the plants are design for an easy low water maintenance. The client is Living Room Reality, Portland OR. *Table was made by David Bertman designs

NEW PROJECT (November)
This a live edge walnut table made for Smith.co. It has metal V-shaped legs with a walnut shelf.

This is a set of three tables made for Deca Architecture. They are placed at Portland Golf Club. They are black oxide metal legs with glass inlay.

NEW PROJECT (September)
This is a set of five tables made for Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. They are placed at Saffron Winery. They have powder coated metal legs and inlay and a wire brushed espresso stained doug fir top.

This is a low water garden that Rachel installed in a chiropractic office in the Pearl District. It features over 20 varieties of plants in a no drain planter. The planter was made in two sections and assembled onsite into one large piece.

Here is a new bed design. It was made for Rachel's birthday on June 29th. It is made out of steel and has burnt wood headboard and side tables. All the pieces in the set are modular and can be moved, added to or bought separately. It's now available on our Etsy store, Buschdesign.

We designed a new product that combines our planters and metal work in this modern clock/planter. The metal is powder coated and has a cool plant design included.

Rachel was asked by The Chihuly Glass Museum to design her planters as store displays. She did a wonderful job bringing the large pieces to life.

This is a small cattle brand we custom made for my good friend Steve Macknicki at Humbolt Smoke House. It was super fun figuring this one out.

This was a commission project from a San Francisco client. It is a small version of the shoe rack bench. It is finished with a heat patina on the slats and black Osmo on the top. The steel has a rust patina applied.

NEW PROJECT (February)
Rachel did a wonderful job designing a large order of re-Beam planters for the Chihuly Garden exhibit at the Space Needle in Seattle. (http://www.chihulygardenandglass.com/) We are very happy to be at such a great location with the planters.

I had the great privlage of working with Deca inc. on a reclaimed reception desk for Alberta Eye Care. The desk was made of recycled steel, barn wood, salvaged cedar and a Paperstone top.

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